Underground Custom Bunkers have maximum security for your family protection and still have all the comforts of home. Our extremely well built luxury custom underground bunkers have fully functional kitchens, fully operational bathrooms and super comfortable living rooms and bedrooms so you and your family will be cozy while surviving any potential threat. You can constantly monitor the progress of  your project. Specialized project management software allows for 24/7 access to the custom bunkers construction project files, these can be accessed by any device. These real time updates keep you consistently informed on your project's status.

We highly recommend a site survey with the Guardian Survival Shelter construction staff and the design engineer prior to construction. During this onsite survey, we can observe first hand your property layout, discuss your personal security requirements and show you several dozen floor plans that would meet those requirements. Even if you have an architectural survival shelter plan set we highly recommend the site inspection with the design engineer prior to construction because it will save you time and money. Our underground bunker design engineer, one of the top four bunker designers in the United States, has over thirty years of experience designing more than 600 underground bunker projects worldwide. The design engineer can save you money in many ways by seeing your project location first hand and discussing the various layout options with you. He can also explain the NBC filtration system, the security door hatches, EMP protections, the construction procedure, how best to conceal the shelter entrance, etc. The one day site inspection with the Guardian Custom Bunkers construction staff and the design engineer costs $5,000 plus travel expenses. This money is well spent.

The design engineer can ensure that the final plans are correct, designed to fit your individual requirements and has quick, safe and undetectable access. We give you a step-by-step explanation of plans which helps you understand the construction process from start to finish. The design engineer can make modifications to an any underground bunker floor plan you select. Our professional staff will work with you to design and construct the exact underground bunker you envision. For very discreet professional Custom Bunkers contact 949-916-0326 or fill out our form below.


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