Guardian Survival Shelters focuses on the construction of extremely well built luxury Custom Bomb Shelters. Our shelters are built with one foot thick steel reinforced concrete walls and designed for the highest in security and best in comfort for you and your family; everything  you need to survive any potential threats. 

We utilize an elevator entrance into the Custom Underground Bomb Shelters; this allows for a much easier access for all, especially for young children, the elderly and the handicapped. The NBC (nuclear, biological or chemical)  air ventilation filtration system protects the quality of air in the shelter against nuclear, biological and chemical threats. The NBC air filtration system is a positive pressure air filtration system designed to overpressure the survival shelter during and after a nuclear, biological, or chemical event. It features a filter bank that is designed to protect against nuclear fallout, radioactive iodine, weaponized biological carcinogens, and warfare gases. We build an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) vault into the shelter to shield your electronics, solar inverters, batteries and any other electric equipment that needs to be protected during a EMP attack.

The living areas have wall to wall carpeting or hard wood flooring with custom room lighting and ceiling fans. Guardian underground bomb shelters can be custom designed to meet your family's personal needs. We strive to make our Custom Bomb Shelters as comfortable and pleasurable as your home. The bathrooms have custom shower enclosures, custom sinks, custom medicine cabinets and wet toilet plumbing with a septic tank system. The kitchen has custom wood cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel sink, custom lighting and premium tile flooring.

A source of electrical power is essential to operate the lighting,  microwaves, TV's, radio equipment,  computers, etc. in the shelter. Guardian Survival Shelters are designed to run on AC power from the grid if power is available and independently with a stand alone battery bank solar electric power system. A fuel-powered generator with a bunded fuel tank is a back up AC power source. You can constantly monitor the progress of  your project.

If you want a luxury underground bomb shelter that has maximum security for your family protection and still have the comforts of home contact Guardian Survival Shelters today! Our extremely well built luxury custom underground bomb shelters have fully functional kitchens, fully operational bathrooms and super comfortable living rooms and bedrooms so you and your family will be cozy while surviving any potential threat.

Specialized project management software allows for 24/7 access to the custom bomb shelter construction project files, these can be accessed by any device. These real time updates keep you consistently informed on your project's status.

All Guardian Custom Bomb Shelters below have NBC Air Filtration Systems, Elevator/Air Lock entrances, Generators with EMP Shielded Housing, Solar Inverter/ Charge Controller/ Battery Bank with EMP Shielded Enclosure, Wall Safe, Solar PV Array, 

The shelter 3738 is a constructed space designed for vertical access from your residence or out building. It incorporates all the components of a full shelter and designed for long term occupancy.  Its power generation capabilities allow access to the shelter even during power grid failure.  It also is equipped with an emergency hatch for emergency exit or secondary entrance.  

It can easily house a family of 6 and provide a comfortable environment for the extended stay. Visual access to the grow room or aeroponics lab provides a softer environment as well as providing an ongoing food source.

It is designed to provide you and your family with immediate protection against large scale events. Our filtration systems are capable of handling nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.  It also incorporates a generator room to provide interim power requirements with nested EMP protection as an option.